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°CRYO Stay Young is the global leader in cryotherapy and biohacking treatments for wellness, performance, recovery, beauty & slimming

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We provide the most effective and safest cryotherapy treatments through our affiliation with technology pioneer °CRYO Science, offering a fully immersive TGA approved cryotherapy chamber experience that reaches the required temperatures and breathable air technology to achieve optimal results. Combined with other leading holistic services and world class experts, °CRYO Stay Young is your destination for optimizing your health & wellbeing.

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World Leaders In Cryotherapy, Biohacking & Holistic Treatments

°CRYO Stay Young provide innovative Sydney Cryotherapy, Red Light, Acupuncture & Sequential Pulse Massage Treatments that offer many benefits including improved health & wellness, athletic performance, recovery, beauty and slimming.

With state-of-the-art technology, including a scientifically-backed & TGA approved whole-body cryotherapy chamber, and world-class professional experts to hand, you will feel rejuvenated in minutes!

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We Are Dedicated To Your Results

Cryotherapy has so many benefits to offer. Everyone has their own unique cryo journey and it’s our job to tailor a program that ensures you achieve the best possible results. There are many benefits to be gained by visiting °CRYO Stay Young.


Our treatments boost your energy levels, improve the quality of sleep and help you feel more energised & rejuvenated.


Our tailored programs aim to improve your physical and mental performance to keep you at your best.


Recover faster with our treatments that will help reduce pain and inflammation, improve mobility and trigger self-healing.


Our natural treatments will create an instant glow and a collagen boost to rejuvenate your skin


Cryotherapy promotes slimming and can provide a fast solution to get rid of stubborn fat.


We Are The Leaders In Cryotherapy

Tailored Experience

Cryotherapy is a truly enjoyable experience. Our friendly and professional team are dedicated to making sure your tailored program delivers your desired results while also being a fun and rewarding experience.

Safest °CRYO Available

We use only the safest cryo equipment on the market administered by experienced professionals & scientists. Unlike other cryo chambers, our whole body cryo has breathable air and no direct contact with nitrogen. It’s the only TGA approved cryo equipment in Australia.

Result Focused Treatments

Our professional °CRYO treatments are non-invasive and deliver near-instant results with virtually zero downtime. Our knowledgeable team will guide you with a result-focused program to achieve the many benefits available by visiting our centre.

World Class Cryotherapy

We are directly affiliated with CRYO Science, our sister company and manufacturer of the world-class equipment we use. It is the safest and coldest cryotherapy chamber on the market which gives you quicker, superior results safely.


New To ºCRYO? Unsure Where To Start?

If you are new to cryotherapy and want to talk to someone about what to expect and what treatment would suit your particular circumstances, then book a free no-obligation consultation. You can talk to one of our cryo specialists, see our centre and get expert advice about what treatments will help you achieve your desired results. Book your free consultation today! 

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Want To Give The Gift Of ºCryo?

This really is the coolest gift you could ever give someone! All our services are available to be purchased as gift vouchers. Alternatively, we can prepare a gift voucher for a set dollar amount, or we can tailor a custom package to your liking.