Ignite Your Wellness Journey With Whole Body Cryotherapy

Discover the rejuvenating power of Whole Body Cryotherapy. Our safe and thrilling -140°C treatment in the °CRYO Arctic chamber revitalises your body and mind, harnessing the body’s response to extreme cold to promote recovery, reduce inflammation, and enhance overall health. Experience a boost in physical and mental performance, improved wellness, and personalised care from our certified specialists. Embrace a transformative cryotherapy journey with us.

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Reap the multitude benefits of our whole body °CRYO treatment like no other

Did you know that whole body cryotherapy can improve your overall health and wellness by boosting your physical and mental performance, trigger self-healing process for recovery and elevate your mood? At °CRYO Stay Young, we have trained & certified specialists who will tailor a personalized treatment plan uniquely for you!

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The -140°C Cryotherapy Difference

Step into our °CRYO Arctic, the world’s renowned and safest cryotherapy chamber. From the instant the temperature drops to a bracing -140°C, you’ll feel your body awaken, your senses sharpen, and your mood elevate.

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"What a great experience! Ice bath on steroids. Challenging but if you want to do something good for your body go and try it.Owners are lovely. Thank you for the experience.Will be back."
Gabriela Granzer
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Feel the Difference with our °CRYO Treatment

This signature whole body cryotherapy treatment is the safest and coldest fully immersive cryotherapy experience available today. In just a few minutes, the full body is exposed to 100% breathable air, and temperatures ranging from -110°C to -140°C in the world’s renowned and safest only certified chamber, the °CRYO Arctic. With the full body exposed to the sub-zero temperatures, the treatment stimulates the autonomous nervous system producing a multitude of physical and mental health benefits.

The treatment is effective with regular use, so please book an initial consultation with us to discuss your goals, what you can expect and a personalized treatment plan.

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The Science Behind Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole body cryotherapy uses the principle of thermoregulation – the body’s response to cold temperatures – to stimulate various health benefits. When exposed to the extreme cold inside the °CRYO Arctic chamber, your body diverts blood to your core to preserve heat, and then sends it back out to your extremities when you step out of the chamber. This process flushes toxins and delivers oxygen and nutrients to the body, promoting recovery, reducing inflammation, boosting your immune system, and more.

"Had the whole-body cryotherapy treatment and wow! What a difference it made. My torn labrum in my shoulder was restricting my movement and causing me lots of pain. After just one session, I was able to have full range of motion again in my arm. They were very knowledgeable when it came to the science of cryo, and was able to answer all of my questions. 10/10. Would get frozen here again."
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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Whole body cryotherapy is a treatment where your body is exposed to extremely low temperatures (-110°C to -140°C) for a few minutes to stimulate the autonomous nervous system and deliver a variety of health benefits.

A: The frequency of cryotherapy treatments can vary depending on your goals and physical condition. For best results, we recommend regular sessions. During your initial consultation, we will discuss a personalised treatment plan tailored to your needs.

A: Yes, whole body cryotherapy is safe. At °CRYO Stay Young, our °CRYO Arctic chamber is certified and uses breathable air technology to ensure safety. A licensed therapist is also with you throughout the treatment.

A: While you are inside the °CRYO Arctic chamber alone, a licensed therapist will be present throughout the entire treatment to ensure your safety and comfort.

A: Yes, our °CRYO Arctic chamber has a retractable window option to ease any claustrophobia concerns.

A: A whole body cryotherapy session lasts for about 3 minutes.

A: Absolutely! One of the advantages of whole body cryotherapy is that it requires no downtime. You can return to your normal activities immediately after your session.

A: We will provide all the necessary clothing to protect extremities including gloves, socks, shorts, slippers and a top for women.