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Your consultation

Every new client relationship begins with an individual consultation with a qualified °CRYO Specialist. All our therapists are fully trained and certified on how to prescribe and conduct cryotherapy treatments. By assessing your physical and emotional wellbeing and identifying your personal goals, your °CRYO Specialist will design a personalized plan that includes recommendations on type of treatments and the frequency required.

your experience

The °CRYO Treatment

Depending on your tailored plan and health circumstances, you may begin your first treatment on the same day as your consultation. You will be escorted to a private changing room and provided with the appropriate attire for your session if required. Personal belongings can be stored securely.

When undergoing our cryotherapy treatments, your therapist will explain the process in detail prior to beginning the session. Depending on the treatment the speed, intensity, and temperature of the machine will be adjusted to suit your °CRYO journey and needs.

Post Consultation

Following your treatment, you can unwind and enjoy the positive effects of your session. All clients will then complete their experience with a post-consultation session with the specialist to discuss the treatment and next steps. After leaving the center, you can immediately return to your routine feeling lighter, happier, and healthier

considerations before your treatment

considerations after your treatment